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Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!

Let's unlock your potential to show up and perform at your best wherever you go and in whatever you do!

As a Certified Professional Mindset Performance Coach, my personal mission is to help you identify and align to your truest values and passions in order to light the fire you need to get motivated and perform at your best, with optimism and positive perspective. No matter what the circumstances, we will partner to create a success formula that offers the ability for you to not just cope with what life throws at you, but to Create Opportunity Perspective Excellence. You will learn to identify where you have the ultimate ability to work through and thrive in situations of uncertainty. Consistently. 

I will help you to recognize the gift or opportunity in any situation or circumstance. Shifting perspective gives us our power back and eliminates the fear of the unknown.

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Coach Tara 

My passion for helping others achieve their best life has always been within me. Having been through multiple personal transformations myself, I know what it takes to face fear and facilitate personal change that will add immediate value and will be sustained for a lifetime of happiness. I'm not just a survivor, but a thriver through uncertain times and personal transformation.  Over 20 years as a senior leader in the corporate world, a mom of two and over a decade in long-term addiction recovery has given me a toolbox full of wisdom to share in how to COPE through uncertain times.


My personal mission is help you identify and align to your truest values and passions. I partner with and empower my clients to recognize, manage and leave behind self-doubt (those nasty messages that inner critic sends), sabotaging behavior and overwhelm for new ways of thinking, feeling and acting that foster confidence, emotional & physical wellbeing, higher performance and overall feelings of success and satisfaction.

My experience and credentials include; International Coaching Federation (ICF), Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certification in Recovery Coaching by CCAR, a BA in Psychology, an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, a master practitioner of Energy Leadership Index, COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist Certification, Women’s LEAD certification, high performing team development, and the development of the highly effective COPE and SMEEPS-cret programs.


My coaching style is every bit authentic and driven by compassion! Chances are, I have experienced what you are feeling and will meet you where you are. I will challenge you to reach outside of your comfort zone to find the gift or opportunity in your current situation. Once we are able to shift our perspective, we take our power back and will enjoy greater feeling of control over the next step. 

I absolutely insist on enjoying life, I refuse to struggle as I strive to show up as the best version of me today. I want to help you develop the tools to live your best life, no matter what your circumstance. 


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