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The Last 6.2 is heart...

I just reconnected with a friend of mine in Lebanon this afternoon. We haven't spoken in many months due to various reasons, but reconnecting today made me realize how grateful I am for the people I surround myself with. Even if they are across the world!

She and I are sharing our coach journey. Just two women who have a calling to serve others, just not sure how to really get it going. We are both spiritual souls. We both share the love of movement. Her movement in the form of yoga and dance, mine in running and marathoning.

Through conversation today, we realized although the activities are very different in physical mechanics, our "why" we move is the same.

Each time we set out to move our bodies, its a spiritual act. It's our meditation, it's our breathing, it's where we draw our inspiration. As we continued to share our experiences, we found ourselves nodding in identification with one another as we experience the same feelings when we are practicing.

Our hearts are what drive us. The intuitive pull to connect to a source. A source of inspiration to keep moving in this direction. Even if the direction is so unclear.

We both feel it. This coaching thing is new to us both, yet both of us feel like we have been doing it forever. We both feel like we have no idea what we are doing, yet at the end of our conversation, we acknowledged the fact that she has inspired me to get more formal meditation and yoga into my practice and I had inspired her to start running. And she "hates to run."

She said to me, " have changed my mind about running a marathon. I thought running a marathon was just running a really long distance, getting really tired and miserable. You have me looking at it in a different way..Just the way you've talked about your experiences, I actually want to run now."

Marathoning has become a way of life for me. It's not "just running to me." It is where I find my inner peace. It's where I get my best ideas and where I am most creative. I've got 2 under my belt and I have launched training for #3.

My first in NYC in 2019 was nothing less than a tape of miracles on repeat. Every mile from 1-26.2 had a God shot for me. Whether it was the look in a fan's eye when we connected, a sign someone was holding up, a little kids "high 5," or a dancer in the streets of Harlem... every single mile had something that illustrated to me that this life, this world, is really a beautiful place.

I had trained for the first 20 miles and was told to "trust the training," the energy of the crowd and my heart to get me through the last 6.2. They were right! The last 6.2 are "Championship Phase," when something takes over my body and carries me to the finish!

That first marathon fueled the training for last year's 26.2 that I ran virtually. 5 of us ran the local streets last year during quarantine. Completely different circumstances, significantly less fans (by hundreds of thousands less), but same experience. 20 miles trained and the last 6.2 was heart. I knew I could trust my training and I knew to look for the spiritual signs. Even in the last 3 miles when the skies opened up and it started to pour... there were messages.

My coach certification was the training for the first 20. Getting it going is the last 6.2. It's all about heart from this point forward. I have been called to serve, motivate and inspire. According to my friend in Lebanon... I am doing it! I just need to trust my training and keep going! Thank you my beautiful friend for giving my soul the validation it needed to keep going!

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