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Mindset Performance Successes

Tara went above and beyond with me working as a coach, mentor and friend.  

She quickly helped me to identify my strengths and challenged me to once again believe in myself, both personally and professionally.  I left every session with a renewed sense of purpose and drive all because of Tara’s neverending positivity, support and motivation.  Words alone cannot truly describe how much Tara’s coaching has done for me.

K Kelley

It was really great working with Tara as my coach. It was an eye opening experience to say the least. Somewhere along the line, I forgot I had dreams and choices. Tara helped me to realize both. I am now on a career path and adventure of a lifetime that was opened up for me by working with Tara. Great experience! I highly recommend Tara's services.

Christy D

Tara's leadership and career coaching changed my life. Tara taught me that I have choice in what I do and where I go; Forward! Tara is incredibly insightful, affirming and down to earth. She helped me clearly understand my strengths and how valuable they are. Tara gave me 'exercises' to restore my confidence, identify what I enjoyed doing, what I found fulfilling and what was draining for me. She provided the emotional support I needed to keep searching until I found the right position, the right team, at the right company for me. Thanks so much!

K Dunphy

Tara was a super-coach to many of my team members! rock!

A Bharteeya

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